With Clarity, We See The Vision of Embrace!


Thank you God for a beautiful New Year!  We give you All the Glory, Honor and Praises for All that you've done, are doing and will do!

Hi, my name is Gladys Ekua Bonney, President & CEO, 

International Cultures!  

So glad you've come to visit International Cultures! 

Your home away from home! 

We wish you a joyous, happy, blessed, prosperous New Year!


The horizon has touched down and what we see is a vision that is becoming more and more of a reality with each impending day 

and it is as bright as a sunny, clear, blue skies day!

A vision of bright open minds that are leading to open doors 

of an embrace of the differences, the diversities, the varieties, the alternatives, the options, the solutions! 

 From the Social environment, to the Academic, to the Professional, to the Governmental and to the Spiritual, there is definitely the inevitable - an infusion of cultures.   


Just take a look around!  A kaleideoscope!  

And, oh, what a beauty it is to see brothers and sisters, a multitude of diversity. embracing, accepting each other, collaborating in the spirit and atmosphere of love!

With this vision, it is our goal to magnetize the positives, 

welcome the challenges, stretch beyond the boundaries,  strive towards achieving what seems to be the impossible, that can only be made possible through Christ who strengthens us and God, our Father 

who leads, guides, directs, protects and provides for us!

2020, we ask and invite you to join us in our endeavors and efforts and let's together cross the divide of cultural diversity, transcend the barriers so that there is love, unity, peace, joy, health, happiness, blessings and hope in our lives, in our communities, societies, nations and the world!

Welcome to International Cultures, Welcome Home!

Welcome to 2020! 

Let's do our part to make it a great year

and God's grace, let there be life, love, peace, joy, unity, health, happiness, blessings and hope!

We love you!

International Cultures