Celebrating Love - Internationally!

Culture in your Love? Love in your culture?


You answered Yes, - Both!?

Oooh, then you have the best of both worlds!

No matter what cultural background or race, love is color blinded.

It happens when you least expect it

An essential existence for living

Its like water, air and food 

We All need it

Some are fortunate to have it 

and some are searching for it.

Yet it may be just within reach.

Some have it and take it for granted

Yet other abuse it

So just a question for you for some engagements....

Does culture play a part in whom you love?

Does it dictate whom you love and how you love?

What happens when love is at stake?

When culture is at stake?

Where do we find the common ground?

The meeting place?

Tomorrow may not be here 

or they may not be here

Never let the words go unsaid

I love you

International Cultures ceolebrates with you Valentine's day!

Are you in an inter-cultural, interracial relationship? 

What is the hardest thing in your relationship and how do you handle it?

Your feelings, your thoughts, your opinions, your experiences matters!

You may be able help someone today!

Click the link below and express yourself in our Caravan of Love!

Caravan of Love

For your Valentine's Treat - International Cultures thanks - The Isley Brothers!  

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